Acai Berry - Activated Keto Clusters

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Huge 300g of Bliss Fit Foods Acai Berry - Activated Keto Clusters

Handcrafted with love and jam-packed with vitamins, essential minerals & phytonutrients from unrefined plant-based wholefoods, Bliss Fit Foods' vegan Keto Clusters – Acai Berry are carefully formulated to attain the perfect keto macro ratio (Fats 71%, Protein 12%, Carbs 3.9%), helping you to get into ketosis quicker and stay in the fat-burning zone longer. Made with ACTIVATED nuts and seeds, coconut and acai berry, the clusters are SLOWLY DEHYDRATED for easy digestion and maximum nutrient absorption.

Deliciously versatile – soak in nut milk, add to low-carb yoghurt, top smoothies or salads, stuff in avocados or enjoy straight from the pack to nourish your body and replenish your energy anytime. Toss into your bag for the ideal plant-based fat boost for busy lifestyles – your nutritional LOW-CARB meal is always within reach.


Nuts and seeds are nutrient-dense, but also contain naturally occurring anti-nutrients phytic acid and enzyme inhibitors that bind to minerals in the digestive tract and inhibit enzymatic activity, making essential nutrients less available to our bodies.

The process of activating nuts and seeds involves soaking and sprouting nuts and seeds. The process is finished off by dehydrating clusters slowly at low temperatures for more than 24 hours.

It takes a few days to produce each batch of Bliss Fit Foods' granola, clusters, mixes and activated nuts. The multi-day process increases bioavailability, allowing your body to better digest and absorb maximum nutrients.


How to use:

– Put me on anything you like! Try me on some yoghurt with fruit, on top of chia puddings, smoothie bowls or porridge.

– Soak me in any type of milk (we recommend almond milk or any other plant based milk) for a convenient, delicious and nutritious breakfast.

– Why not try me in your next fruit salad? This granola is the right complement to any fresh summer creation.

– Breakfast on the go now as easy as reaching in bag or need an easy but healthy snack? Just grab a handful!

– Why not enjoy the clusters with PB, yoghurt and sugar-free fruit AVOCADO?!

– Substitute for bread as a side dish;



Sunflower seeds*•, coconut•, pumpkin seeds*•, xylitol, cashews*•, almonds*•, flaxseeds*•, acai berry powder•, lemon juice.
*Seeds & nuts are ACTIVATED. • Ingredients are certified ORGANIC.

– Carbohydrates are less than 5.5 g per every 100 g! Are you on low carbs or Keto die? Now your plant based Keto breakfast keeps your carbs intake to minimal, while satisfying your sweet craving.

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