Alaskan Salmon Fillets in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Jar

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Caught in the pristine waters off Alaska, Good Fish salmon meets every benchmark for quality, sustainability and deliciousness - and then some.

Caught only at the peak of the season, when these luxurious fish are are their finest, the fish are snap frozen and sent immediately to Spain, where they are hand-processed using the traditional methods of the Mediterranean by a team (as tradition dictates) of highly skilled, all-female processors.

Preserved in Spain’s finest certified organic extra virgin olive oils and bottled in glass, Good Fish pink salmon exemplifies quality and tradition, while meeting the highest environmental standards and being an absolutely delicious eating fish that’s perfect for all sorts of dishes, from simple pastas to decadent salads.

Why Good Fish Alaskan Salmon Fillets in Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is great ... 

  1. MSC certified (in train)
  2. Wild caught
  3. Caught in sustainable fisheries (FAO Area 67)
  4. Caught by hook and line (no drift netting)
  5. 100% Alaskan pink salmon
  6. 100% dolphin safe
  7. Hand processed
  8. BPA free
  9. Certified organic (olive oil)
  10. Chemical free
  11. Additive free
  12. Fair trade (workers responsibly paid)
  13. Nutrient rich
  14. Tastes great


More about Good Fish Salmon 

This tender, wild salmon is caught in crisp, pristine and carefully managed waters off the coast of Alaska. Good Fish select only the finest-quality, premium-grade salmon, snap-freeze it as soon as it's out of the water, then fly it to Spain to be hand-fillet and cooked using traditional Spanish methods. It's the finest Alaskan pink salmon, preserved in the finest organic Spanish olive oil ... a match made in heaven.

Why Alaskan Salmon

Alaskan wild-caught pink salmon is acknowledged as some of the best salmon in the world. Fully flavoured and sweet, it is a luxurious fish to eat, with a delicious flavour profile and fine texture. Good Fish salmon is snap frozen once caught and transported carefully to be processed by Spain's artisan processors. With this product Good Fish combine the best product with the best processes to make an incredibly sophisticated and luxe product. The beautiful extra virgin olive oils in which this salmon is preserved complement the flavour of an already exquisite product. Good Fish choose only the best of the catch, those with signs of good health and freshness, including bright eyes, blood-red gills, firm flesh and a general look of brilliance.

The pristine and freezing waters of Alaska are the finest grounds for salmon, producing wonderfully clean and wholesome fish rich nutrients and Omega-3 fatty acids.


  • Good Fish salmon will soon carry Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification. The fisheries where these fish are caught (FAO Area 67) already carry MSC certification and Good Fish will soon be able to use the logo on their packaging. This process is in train.
  • The fish are wild caught by hook and line. The Alaskan salmon fisheries have always been tightly regulated to ensure that stocks are not depleted. As salmon is an industry of national significance, it is regulated with strict conservation guidelines. The industry has always proudly exceeded MSC standards.

Quality And Health Credentials

  • Only the finest grade of salmon is chosen for Good Fish products. The fish must be fresh eyed, robust and brilliant looking.
  • The fish is processed without chemicals. The salmon of many other brands, while also caught in Alaska, is often processed in Asia where chemicals and shortcuts are frequently used.
  • The salmon is a source of the antioxidant amino acid taurine, is an excellent source of vitamin B12, vitamin D and selenium, a good source of niacin, omega-3 fatty acids, protein, phosphorus, vitamin B6, choline, pantothenic acid, biotin and potassium.
  • Processing is done by hand in Spain in traditional methods that have been honed by skilful craftswomen over generations.
  • The oil used is a Spanish certified organic extra virgin olive oil which enhances the flavour. The preserve's flavour matures with age, like wine.
  • Fishing is done mainly in the summer when the quality of the fish is better because their fat level is higher, the meat is more tender and the taste is delicious.
  • All tins are BPA-free and have been since BPA-free tins became available. Good Fish has been ahead of the pack in this regard.

Community Benefits

  • Salmon is a much-loved and famed Alaskan product. It has great benefits to the remote local community which fish it, and which relies on its existence for economic prosperity.
  • The hand processing component of this product is done in Spain, entirely by women, as is the tradition in Europe. Some of the women who work in peeling and filleting these fish have been proudly employed in this craft for a lifetime.
  • As these producers have enormous pride in their product, they are extremely careful to supply only the finest-quality fish and to treat it with the utmost respect. The end result is a superior product.

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