Almond Amaretto Monk Fruit Concentrate




SweetLeaf® Monk Fruit Liquid brings pure Monk Fruit extract to liquid form.

With 300 servings per bottle you’re definitely getting your money’s worth. Just a few drops are as sweet as 1 teaspoon of sugar.

Sweeten water, yogurt, oatmeal, smoothies, coffee and tea, or any recipe you are making.

Plant-based SweetLeaf® Organic Monk Fruit Liquid is sweetened by nature with no sugars, calories, or carbs, and with no artificial ingredients.

SweetLeaf® is safe for cooking and baking, and is heat and freezer stable.

You’ll think you’ve reached nirvana with SweetLeaf® Liquid Monk Fruit Sweetener Drops. This versatile liquid form of SweetLeaf's all-natural monk fruit sweeteners makes it easy to drop a little sweetness into just about anything.

With an amazing Almond Amaretto flavour, use it to sweeten up your morning coffee, your next birthday cake, or even a salad dressing for the family barbeque. 

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