Beef & Veggie Broth Concentrate - Best before 01/05/21

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Best before 01/05/21

One of the latest creations from the Boneafide kitchen.

This Grass Fed Beef and Local Sunshine Coast farms vegetables are cooked in the Boneafide kitchen and then freeze dried helping maintain all of its nutrients. (can’t do that with dehydrated)

High in natural Beef Proteins, this mix is a beautiful blend of flavours that make for a stunning daily broth. 26 servings per jar, this broth is a great start to your day, lunch of snack.

Boneafide cook the Grass Fed Beef Bones for 24 hours and then cook all of the vegetables. Then Boneafide  freeze dry all the ingredients together to make this delicious powder for you.

Beautiful mix of Grass Fed Beef Broth and Vegetables

High in natural Protein. Keto, Low Carb and a great mix of Himalayan Pink Salt to give the perfect strength.

Make this your daily drink, thicker than a regular naked broth, the vegetables add a thickness and taste like a homemade soup


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