Chicken & Veggie Broth Concentrate

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This new product takes two of Boneafide's most popular broth powders and combines them into one nutrient powerhouse!

Boneafide's NEW Chicken and Veggie Broth Powder Concentrate is high in natural Protein and has a beautiful strong flavour when the two mix together like this.

A strong backdrop of the Himalayan Pink Salt, this broth goes a long way with just a little teaspoon added to water. Organic Chicken Broth, local farmers vegetables mixed together and freeze dried to perfection. For people who love a strong, high flavour drink. 26 servings in the jar.

Store in your cupboard at home. No additives, No Preservatives, No sugars, just organic bone broth and a mix of beautiful veggies, Himalayan Pink Salt, small dash of chilli that doesn't add heat, just flavour.


Organic Chicken Bone Broth, Mushrooms, Sweet Potato, Leek, Zucchini, Corn, Peas, carrots, Chilli (not for heat but for taste) Himalayan pink Salt, Pepper.

Product is hand made by Boneafide from scratch. Broth is cooked from organic chicken bones for 24 hours, vegetables are cooked. All products are freeze dried. When reconstituted, this 80 grams makes over 2 litres of beautiful broth.

Serving instructions:

Add 2 teaspoons to make 1 serving of broth (200-250mls of hot water)

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