Collagen Cookie 3 Pack




Can't decide which flavour collagen cookie to try? Why not try them all with this 3 cookie sample pack containing one of each delicious flavour including; 

  1. Berry Bombshell Collagen Cookie
  2. Peanut Nutter Collagen Cookie
  3. Choc Chic Collagen Cookie


How are Beauty Food collagen cookies different? 

Beauty Food cookies are a healthy, sweet snack made from nuts and collagen peptides. Other snacks typically use dried fruit such as dates as their binding agent which creates a product full of sugar (often 25% sugar or more!), or they're made using artificial fillers, thickeners and sweeteners which can play havoc with your hormones and destroy your health. The addition of collagen, which is completely tasteless, has the added benefit of improving your hair, skin and nails naturally


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