Keto Crackers – Salt and Pepper

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Please note: Keto Kitchen Corner has rebranded as Keep Keto. The crackers is just the same (and still just as yummy!).  You can purchase them here >>


Keto Kitchen Corner's Salt and Pepper crackers are deceptively versatile little delights! Almond-based and seed free, these are an ideal choice if you want a cracker which goes with just about anything you can think of. We’re even known to just sneak them straight out of the packet like chips.

Keto Kitchen Corner's salt and pepper crackers are great with:

  • Soft cheeses
  • Greek yoghurt swirled with Roasted Capsicum and Chilli Relish
  • Lightly fried zucchini and chorizo sausage
  • Shredded, slow cooked beef and melted cheese to make amazing Keto nachos


Almond Meal, Coconut Oil, Psyllium Husk, Salt (1.6%), Erythritol, Stevia, Pepper (<1%).

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