Keto Sticky Date Pudding Mix

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Quick & Easy: Gluten Free + Keto Sticky Date Self-Sauce Pudding (serves 8)

Keto, Low Carb & Diabetic customers will be delighted with the taste and texture of Melinda's delicious new KETO Puddings.

One pack, with minimal everyday add-ins, creates 8 iconic dessert puddings with delectable caramel sauce.

10 reasons you'll ❤️ Melinda's Gluten Free Keto Sticky Date Pudding Mix: 

  1. Keto Friendly
  2. Gluten Free & Vegan Friendly
  3. Creates 8 puddings
  4. Excellent taste & texture profile
  5. Low Carb & High Protein
  6. Sugar & Soy Free
  7. Diabetic Friendly
  8. Includes Sauce Mix
  9. Great value price per serve
  10. Up to 80% Australian Ingredients



Wholemeal lupin flour, sweetener (erythritol, monk fruit), almond meal, dates (5.4%), resistant starch (tapioca), baking powder, baking soda, salt, natural flavour, natural colour.


Allergen Warning

Contains nuts (almond) and lupin



Small date pips could be present

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