Lower Carb White Rice Blend




est before 14/03/21

White rice with 30% less carbs!

And not only that, PBCO's low carb white rice is also packed full of prebiotic fibre and has 2x the protein of normal white rice.

Warning! It's still pretty high in carbs, but it's way better than normal white rice, and perfect for the occasional treat when nothing else will do.

✅ 30% Less Carbs than white rice.
✅ 2 x Protein*
✅ Packed with Prebiotic Fibre
✅ Gluten Free

Macros per serve: Protein 6.7g | Carbs 19.4g | Fat 1.2g | Fibre 3.6g


White Rice (66%), Australian Lupin (34%)

CONTAINS LUPIN. May contain tree nuts, egg, milk and sesame.

1 pack of Lower Carb White Rice makes 14 serves of Low Carb Rice!

So how does it taste?  You get that max white rice taste, with a slight nuttiness from our Australian lupin.

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