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Majestic 100% Bioactive Marine Collagen

Dance with the waves, Glow with the ocean, Kiss with the sea

Ocean kissed is the resource for marine-sourced alchemy to nourish and enhance body, beauty, inner glow and consciousness. Locako celebrate the unadulterated, exquisite flavours and healing forces of premium ingredients from the ocean.

Made with recycled plastic

All of Locako products are all natural, packed full of high end nutrient filled, free of preservatives, fillers and refined sugar, Locako source the highest quality nutrient dense ingredients possible in the world

All of Locako blends are made with integrity and care in Australia and designed to improve your skin health, improve skin elasticity, and skin structure, and help decrease the appearance of cellulite

Locako beautiful Majestic blend is made of 100% pure Bioactive Marine Collagen clinically proven and designed to improve your skin health, elasticity, and skin structure, and help decrease the appearance of cellulite as well as strengthen your hair, skin and nails. Locako Marine Collagen is environmentally friendly and sustainable as it uses parts of the fish that are normally thrown away.


100% Pure Bioactive Marine Collagen

What is collagen? 

Collagen is the major structural component of skin, comprising about 80 % of its dry weight. Skin properties are known to be affected by endogenous and environmental factors including aging, ultraviolet radiation, hormones and nutrition. Majestic can stimulate skin metabolism and counteract the loss of collagenous extracellular matrix from the inside. Consumers who ingest the natural Bioactive Collagen Peptides especially optimized for beauty applications can experience noticeably firmer and smoother skin with fewer wrinkles. The positive effect of majestic also shows in an improved skin surface structure, reducing cellulite and a faster nail growth with reportedly less chipping of fingernails.

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