Marine Collagen with Organic Strawberry Fruit




Fight the signs of ageing and enhance your hair, skin and nails with Whey Direct Marine Collagen with Organic Strawberry Fruit.

✓ 100% wild caught marine collagen

✓ Real Organic Strawberry fruit for an adequate amount of vitamin C the body needs to absorb the collagen

✓ Supports hair, skin and nail health

✓ Improves skin clarity, smoothness and Elasticity

✓ Thickens and strengthens nails

✓ Restores volume and shine to hair

✓ Highly bio-available form of Collagen

✓ Dissolves easily in cold water

✓ No fishy taste or smell

✓ Sustainably sourced

✓ Suitable for daily use

✓ Contains no gluten, wheat, additives or preservatives



100% Wild caught Marine Collagen, Organic Strawberry Fruit Powder, Organic Beet Powder, Stevia Powder, Xanthan Gum


Comes in a 200g bag

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