Organic Cacao Powder




Honest to Goodness Organic Cacao Powder is made from pure cocoa beans that are ground to a fine, non-alkalised powder. This process retains the naturally tart cocoa flavour and slightly lighter colour than traditional Dutch-processed cocoa.

Cacao Powder has a slightly bitter chocolate taste and is great for baking, desserts and smoothies.


How To Use

Organic Cacao Powder retains and accentuates the naturally tart and acidic flavours of the cocoa bean. Simply substitute Organic Cacao Powder in place of cocoa powder in any recipe that does not use baking powder or baking soda or other leavening agents. If your recipe does call for leavening, stick to the type of cocoa or cacao specified as the acidity or alkalinity of the ingredient mix is important the final texture and flavour.

No GMO. No added sugar or preservatives.

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