Peanut Nutter Nut Butter with Collagen

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Ahhh Peanut Butter, a girl's (or boy's)  best friend... with added collagen it's designed to be eaten daily to support healthy hair, skin and nails. Perfect by itself, or with apple, banana or a yummy sourdough!


How are Beauty Food nut butters different? 

Beauty Food nut butters are a healthy, sweet snack made from nuts and collagen peptides. Other nut butters typically use highly inflammatory seed and vegetable oils which can play havoc with your skin. The addition of collagen, which is completely tasteless, has the added benefit of improving your hair, skin and nails naturally.



Peanuts [77%], grass-fed collagen [10%], coconut oil, Himalayan salt, monk fruit.

May contain: Other tree nuts from processing line.

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