Pili Nuts With Rosemary & Olive Oil - 52g

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Pili Hunters World Famous Sprouted Pili Nuts with a hint of Rosemary, extra virgin olive oil and a hint of salt.

  • Just three ingredients.
  • 100% Keto, and perfect for paleo, gluten-free, and vegan diets
  • Rosemary may boost memory and immunity, improve mood, relieve pain, stimulate circulation, detoxify the body, and so much more

Pili Hunters are incredibly buttery and tender, a true melt in your mouth experience. They have a unique nutty flavour, sometimes described as a cross between a pine nut and macadamia nut. Incredibly delicious and nutritious, these nuts make an awesome on-the-go snack, or addition to a recipe, salad, or entrée!

Pili Hunters are Earth's Perfect Nut. As the highest fat, lowest carbohydrate nut on the planet, pili nuts pack powerful nutrition from their energy density and variety of hard-to-find vitamins and minerals from rich volcanic soil. All Pili Hunters nuts are sprouted to maximize bioavailability, and are hand harvested and processed from wild stands of pili trees in the jungles of the Philippines.


Wild-Harvested Sprouted Pili Nuts, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Ground Rosemary, Himalayan Salt

Pili Hunters - The World’s Healthiest Nut

Pili Nuts (pronounced “pee-lee”) are a nutrient-dense nut with high levels of fat and low levels of carbohydrates. These unique nuts boast a high concentration of beneficial minerals such as Magnesium, Manganese, Vitamin B1, and Phosphorous.

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