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Best before 24/11/21

Note: This product has now rebranded as Crackle & Co Pork Crackle Crumb

Keto pork crackle crumbs made from top quality pork rind, lightly seasoned with sea salt.

Also known as palabok, pork crackle crumbs are perfect as a replacement for carb heavy bread crumbs.  Crackle crumbs (or pork panko as it's sometimes called) can be used to crumb chicken, fish, veal or just about anything! It can even be added to a salad for extra crunch, or eaten on it's own for a great low carb, keto friendly snack. 

And for an extra tasty treat, add to you next chaffle mix in place of almond meal for the ultimate carnivore chaffle. 


Pork, Sea Salt, Corn Oil

Comes in a 400g bag

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