The Complete Keto Cookbook and Lifestyle Guide

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Love him or hate him, there's no denying that Pete Evans knows a lot about keto, and a lot about creating delicious keto food.

The Complete Keto Cookbook and Lifestyle Guide is the perfect guide to living a healthy fat, low carb lifestyle, that has helped thousands of people across the world feel great, lose weight and transform their health.

Pete Evans shares all the info and recipes required to go keto with minimum fuss and maximum results.

First, Pete explains exactly why the keto diet can be so beneficial and what happens in our bodies when we go into ketosis. He then shares all the practical info you'll need, including a guide to shopping and setting up your kitchen, simple food swap suggestions, tables showing carbohydrates in common ingredients, and a helpful keto food pyramid. There is also an easy-to-follow guide to intermittent fasting, as keto and fasting go hand in hand and it's a simple way to amplify results.

Then there are 100+ delicious, family-friendly recipes covering breakfast, wellness bowls, light meals, curries, roasts, braises, drinks and treats. This simple, flavour-packed food will make eating keto a breeze and will have you bursting with energy and health in no time.

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