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Please note: Although wrapped insulated foil, this product may melt on it's way to you. No biggie though. Just put it in fridge or freezer to firm up. No refunds / replacements if melted. 

Not sure which flavour Essentially Keto Bars to get? Why not try them all with this 6 bar variety pack, containing one of each flavour including ..

  1. Raspberry & Macadamia
  2. Orange & Pecan
  3. Cacao & Mint
  4. Coffee & Spice
  5. Lemon & Coconut
  6. Caramel & Hemp

They're hand-made in Melbourne and sweetened with erythritol and stevia. The bars have less than 2g of carbs per serve, a healthy dose of good fats and will fuel your body and mind for hours with no sugar crash! 

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