HealthSmart Ketchup

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Nature's Hollow HealthSmart® ketchup is made with tomatoes, apple cider vinegar, xylitol, fresh spices and natural flavourings. Flavour your cuisine perfectly, without the added sugars, sodium and calories.

8 Reasons why you'll love Nature's Hollow's HealthSmart Ketchup

  1.  It has no added sugars, including fruit concentrates
  2.  It's low calorie (15 per serving)
  3.  It's low carb (2g net carbs per serving)
  4.  It contains no high fructose corn syrup
  5.  It contains no sucralose or maltitol.
  6.  It's low in sodium
  7.  It's keto friendly 
  8.  It taste's delicious!

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