Organic MCT Oil - 500ml

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Coco Earth Organic Coconut MCT Oil is 100% pure MCT oil extracted from the most potent part of the virgin coconut oil.

This best-in-class MCT oil eliminates undesired fatty acids to ensure the final product retains unique healthy C8 and C10 MCT fats.

Mix with salad as dressing, coffee, shakes or yoghurt and enjoy the health benefits.

  • Made from extracting the potent and healthiest part of coconut oil
  • Mix with salad as dressing, coffee, shakes or yogurt
  • Fuel for your body and brain power
  • Helps you to get into and stay in ketosis
  • Thermogenic, paleo and vegan diet-friendly

What is Certified Organic Coconut MCT Oil?

The Only Australian Certified Organic MCT Oil on the Market. Coco Earth Organic MCT Oil is 100% Pure MCT oil extracted from the most potent part of the virgin coconut oil to make the best in class MCT oil and Eliminating undesired fatty acids.  

How Coco Earth’s Certified Organic MCT Oil is different from others?

100% Organic MCT Oil is 1st Australian Organic MCT Oil and is Certified by ACO(CERT NO 12526). This is made from Organically grown coconuts without pesticides, chemical or hexane which mean it contains only unique beneficial healthy fatty acids known as MCTs.

  • One & Only Australian Certified Organic Coconut MCT Oil
  • 100% Pure MCT Oil from Coconut – No Palm Oil Added
  • Expeller Pressed – No Nasties or Chemicals are added
  • Excellent MCT oil for Vegan, Keto, Paleo & Thermogenic Dietary
  • Excellent Fuel for Brain and Mind- Energise Brain and Boosts Metabolism
  • Gluten Free
How MCT Oil benefits your health?

Coco Earth Certified Organic MCT Oil is 100% Pure and is super rich with healthy fatty acids for the body. These MCTs doesn’t get stored in the body instead MCTs bypass straight to the liver where they are converted into energy-packed ketones which is excellent for the mind and body. Organic MCT Oil may have the following health benefits:

  • Enhanced Digestion process and Suppresses Hunger
  • Supports Weight Loss and Muscle Gain process
  • Improves brain focus & boosts metabolism
  • Good for gut-health 
  • Completely Cholesterol-free and good for Heart 
  • Supports enhancing brain functioning in Alzheimer, Epilepsy and Autism disease
  • May help controlling Blood Sugar Level to Support Diabetes Management
What are recommended usages of Organic MCT Oil?

Usage: It is recommended to start with 1-3 tbsp daily as a dietary supplement as excessive consumption may cause digestive discomfort. Organic MCT Oil can be consumed in various ways by:

  • Adding it to coffee or other hot drinks,
  • Mixing with smoothies, shakes or other drinks
  • Add it in yogurt or oatmeals
  • Use it as salad dressings
  • Mix it with sauces and other dips
What’s in the bottle?

Ingredients: Only Organic Coconut MCT Oil. No Palm Oil or chemicals are added

Storage: Store in a cool, dry place away from sunlight.

Note: If you are pregnant, experiencing any health condition or taking any medication then please consult your doctor before consuming it. This Product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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