Low Carb Gold Coast 2022 is GO! - Yo Keto

After a couple of years of delays, cancelations and virtual conferences, Australia's #1 Low Carb Conference series is back in person with Low Carb Gold Coast !

WHEN: Friday 14th October at 2:00pm to Sunday 16th October at 5:00pm
WHERE: Gold Coast Convention and Entertainment Centre, Broadbeach, QLD

This year's speakers include include:

  • Dr James Muecke “Advocating for Nutritional Change”
  • Dr Paul Mason “Statins for Primary Prevention?”
  • Dr Matt Phillips “Metabolic Strategies in Healthcare: A New Era”
  • Dr Anja Michel “Fasting – The Reset if You Get Stuck”
  • Dr Anthony Chaffee “Plants Are Trying to Kill You”
  • Dr Paul Mason Second topic to be advised
  • Amy Rush APD CDE “Reducing Carbohydrates: the Macronutrient Approach”
  • Dr Peter Walsh “Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome – Type 4 Diabetes?”
  • Dr Pran Yoganathan “The Barriers to Health”
  • Dr Simon Thornley “Finding the Truth in Nutrition: An Epidemiologist’s Perspective”
  • Dr Peter Brukner “Diet and Chronic Disease”
  • Prof Grant Schofield “Glutamate Excitotoxicity”
  • Dr Penny Figtree, Dr Liz Fraser, Dr Ron Schweitzer “De-prescribing – Case Reports”
  • Dr Deepa Mahananda, Dr Sanjeev Balakrishnan, Dr Laureen Lawler-Smith Panel Discussion “Lipids, Statins and Coronary Artery Calcium”
  • Dr Susan Swanson, Dr Jackie Montefiore, Dr Alex Petrushevskki “Low Carb Case Reports”
  • Dr Sarah Hancock “Oral Health and Low Carb Nutrition”
  • Dr Penny Figtree ” Low Carb for Chronic Kidney Disease”

.. and more! Check out all the details, and grab your tickets at Low Carb Downunder