Congratulations! You've made a great move deciding to start your keto journey. 

There is plenty of information online about keto, but here are a few tips to get you started .. 

  1. Keep hydrated.

    It's vital that you stay hydrated on keto, and you'll often find that you're a lot more thirsty than before. We drink a lot of water, black coffee and green tea at Yo Keto HQ, but waterdrops are also very popular. 

  2. Keep your carbs down

    You don't need worry about counting macros (carbs/protein/fat) when you're first getting started on keto. Just try to keep your carbs as low as possible, ideally under 20 grams per day. 
    Concentrate on cutting out carbs like sugar, root vegetables and grains. Removing these will make a big difference.

  3. Don't add fat

    If you have weight to lose, don't worry about adding extra fat to meals and drinks. Your body will tap into your fat stores. 

  4. Research

    There a plenty of places online where you can access all the information on keto you could ever need. We love listening to YouTube and podcasts whilst packing orders, but others prefer books or blogs. Check out our links page for some of our recommended sources.

  5. Do you

    Take information with a grain of salt. There are a lot of very passionate people who are convinced their way is the only way. Just do what feels right for you, and helps you stay on the path.

  6. Keep your electrolytes up

    If you start to feel cruddy (headache, chills, fatigue etc), chances are your electrolytes are low. You can either make your own by mixing some quality salt and lite-salt in water, or you can take the easier (and tastier) option of powdered and liquid electrolytes.

  7. Fast

    Intermittent fasting goes hand in hand with a keto lifestyle, and can make a use difference if you're trying to lose weight. If your new to fasting, Dr Jason Fung has everything you need to know. 

  8. Take it day by day

    Not every day will be perfect, just aim to improve on the day before.

  9. Speak with your Doctor 

    We recommend speaking to your doctor before changing your diet. If your doctor doesn't know about keto find a doctor that does