Alpha Shaker Bottle - 750ml

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Musashi Alpha Shaker Bottle - 750ml

The Musashi Alpha Shaker Bottle, with a generous 750mL capacity, is your essential companion for the convenient and efficient mixing of protein shakes and supplements.

Featuring a secure screw-on lid and a durable mixing ball, this shaker ensures smooth blending and easy cleanup.

With a sleek design and the iconic Musashi logo, it's not just a shaker; it's a statement of your commitment to fitness.

Elevate your workout routine with the Musashi Alpha Shaker Bottle—designed for those who demand precision in their nutritional preparation. Trust in Musashi's reputation for quality as you mix, shake, and conquer your fitness goals with style and ease.

Made with non toxic, BPA & DEHP free plastic and featuring an easy clean round base.

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