Better Than Sugar! Powdered Icing Sugar

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Natural Powdered Better Than Sugar!® is the perfect complement to your next creation. This versatile product measures like traditional powdered sugar and is easy to work into your day-to-day cooking. Make a glaze for donuts, sprinkle atop your brownies, or whip up a royal icing for cookies.

Better than Sugar!® is the newest line of premium stevia baking products from SweetLeaf®, maker of the world’s best tasting stevia. Better than Sugar! Powdered Icing Sugar can be used in place of regular icing sugar and measures cup-for-cup like icing sugar making it super easy to use in the kitchen.

From cakes to cookies, fillings to frostings, Better than Sugar! is the natural replacement for any recipe requiring icing sugar. That makes it the healthy choice for your entire family, and all of your baking needs. SweetLeaf’s® Better than Sugar!, helping to bake the world a better place!

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