Funday Sweets Variety 5 Pack

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Check out the range of Funday Sweets no added sugar keto friendly lollies with this variety 5 pack containing one of each of the following lollies;

  1. Raspberry Gummy Frogs
  2. Sour Vegan Gummy Bears
  3. Sour Peach Hearts
  4. Fruity Vegan Gummy Bears
  5. Fruity Gummy Snakes

10 Reasons you'll ❤️ this Funday Sweets Variety 5 Pack

  1. Much less sugar than other lollies​
  2. Packed with plant-based prebiotic fibre ​
  3. 4.5 Health Star Rating​
  4. Certified gluten-free​
  5. No sugar-added​
  6. Keto-friendly​
  7. No sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, colours or flavours​
  8. Crafted with plant-based prebiotic fibre that loves ya guts​
  9. GMO-free ingredients​
  10. Taste great


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