Hazelnut Spread with Milk Chocolate

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If you're a fan of Nutella, you're definitely going to want to check out this low carb, keto friendly alternative from Nutilight. 

This is the milk chocolate version is (arguably) the most yummy, made with sustainable palm oil and sweetened with all natural, keto friendly erythritol and stevia.

But the best news? This delicious milk chocolate hazelnut spread has only 2 grams of net carbs per two table spoon serve! Plus it packs 9 grams of healthy fibre too.


10 reasons you'll love this Keto Friendly Hazelnut Spread with Milk Chocolate:

  1. Sugar Free
  2. Yummy As
  3. Low Net Carb - 2g net per serve
  4. Fewer Calories - 140 per serve
  5. Soy Free
  6. Excellent source of Fibre - 9g per serve
  7. All Natural 100% Non-GMO Verified
  8. Kosher Certified
  9. Keto, Paleo, Diabetic and Celiac friendly


Please note:

This Nutilight spread is imported direct from the USA and best before date is in US format. 


(Chicory) Root Fiber*, Sustainable Palm Oil, Hazelnut, Erythritol*, Cocoa Powder, Organic Nonfat Dry Milk, Sunflower Oil, Sunflower lecithin, Pure Vanilla Extract, Stevia Leaf Extract.


Grab some online today at Yo Keto! 

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