Organic Freeze Dried Chicken Bone Broth Bombs - 4 Pack

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As far as we can all remember- the homemade chicken bone broth soup was the remedy in every household, a staple that was highly nutritious to support general wellbeing, boost immunity and combat sickness.

Now Melrose Origins has developed bone Broth bombs- made from 100% Organic Freeze-Dried Chicken Bone Broth Bombs to save yourself 24 hours of slow cooking and in an easy to use format as a hot beverage or added to your recipes. They have undergone a 24 hour extraction time to draw out the maximum amount of nutrients from the bones with no added ingredients.

4 bombs per bag.

Serving size: 1 bomb 5-6g when made up in 250ml of water.


100% Australian Certified Organic Chicken bones, Water

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