Arrowroot Flour / Starch - 454g

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Arrowroot Flour / Starch is a grain-free corn starch replacement, perfect for gluten free baking and for thickening sauces.


Is arrowroot keto friendly?

On the face of it, arrowroot looks like it's 100% not keto friendly. It's pretty much all carbohydrate! In fact it has roughly the same amount of carb as corn starch. 

But arrowroot is a way better choice than corn starch as you use much less, meaning much less carbs! When following recipes, you can generally use one teaspoon of arrowroot powder in place of every one tablespoon of flour, and two teaspoons of arrowroot in place of one tablespoon of corn starch.


4 uses for arrowroot flour 

  1. As a substitute for corn starch
  2. Thicken soups and stews
  3. Add Structure to Baked Goods
  4. Hold gluten free recipes together


What is arrowroot? 

Arrowroot is an easily digested starch extracted from the roots of the arrowroot plant, Maranta arundinacea.

It is gluten free and can be used as a direct substitute for corn starch for those with corn allergies. It has no flavour of its own, so can be used to thicken any sauce, soup, stew, or pudding; sweet or savoury. 

Arrowroot starch is essential when it comes to gluten free baking. It's a versatile flour that can be used to thicken sauces, stews and soups. While arrowroot starch comes in powdered form, when combined with liquid, it creates a neutral-flavoured mixture that can be added to any soup-like recipe.

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