Chipotle & Lime Beef Biltong - 30g

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Like jerky, but better.

Unlike most jerky, Chief naturally preserve their beef range just as our ancestors did with no added nitrates or nitrites (carcinogenic preservatives). Chief also don't use cheap fillers like maltodextrin or hydrolysed vegetable proteins (high in MSG). Most jerky is surprisingly high in sugar (upwards of 25%!) but our products have less sugar than a carrot. And because they're slow dried they're much more tender than jerky and retain over 90% of heat sensitive vitamins such as B12. Better is an understatement.

When you want a clean snack to satisfy your savoury cravings, you'll love Chief organic biltong. Just like slow cooking is better than zapping in a microwave, Chief slow air dry our meat which means it's naturally more tender and healthier than jerky.

Perfect pre or post exercise or simply as a clean, meaty treat that'll get you through to meal time.


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