Chocolate Pu·erh Tea

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This velvety infusion combines black pu∙erh tea and organic cocoa. Accented by sweet orange peel, this decadent blend is rounded off with nutmeg and cinnamon for a spicy finish. Puerh (pū-ĕr) is an ancient healing tea known for its medicinal properties and rich taste. Numi’s organic pu∙erh comes from 500-year-old, wild tea trees grown in China’s Yunnan Mountains. Unlike traditional teas that are oxidized over an 8-hour period, pu∙erh undergoes a unique 60-day fermentation process resulting in a bold, earthy flavour with hints of malt.


Product Information

Velvety and rich


Brewing Instructions
To awaken your spirit, steep 4-5 minutes. Swirl your cup, as the chocolate may settle to the bottom. For iced tea, steep 2 tea bags, cool and pour over ice.

Organic cocoa powder, Verified Fair Labour™ organic black pu∙erh tea, organic rooibos, organic nutmeg, organic honeybush, organic cinnamon, organic orange peel, organic cardamom

These old-growth, rare pu∙erh trees are communally owned by the residents of the local villages in the Yunnan Mountains, ensuring a stable source of income for generations to come. The tea trees are grown in harmony with the primary indigenous forest, promoting biodiversity and forest conservation in the region. Numi's Fair Labor Verification program in Yunnan has invested in improving maternity benefits for factory workers, and bettering workplace health and safety conditions.

Comes in 16 ct. box:


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