Dreamy Jelly - Grape Bubblegum Flavour

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This grape bubblegum flavour Dreamy Jelly from Botanika Blends is a delicious vegan jelly (no gelatin) that is designed to help you feel calm, cool and collected.  

Wait, what? calming jelly?

You see, Botanika Blends have added powerful amino acids like tryptophan, which plays a crucial role in serotonin in the brain, magnesium, a crucial mineral  beneficial for your nervous system & brain function. and in true Botanika Blends fashion, this jelly is GOOD FOR YOUR BELLY with added digestive enzymes and probiotics.

No need to feel guilty about a late night treat ever again with this Dreamy Jelly! This all natural treat is intended to be consumed before bed for a night of quality sleep, enhancement of mood and relaxation. 

Great value too, with seven serves per pack! 



Natural Flavour, Carrageenan, Vegetable Fibre (Flaxseed), Grape Skin Extract, L-Glutamine, Citric Acid, L-Theanine, Magnesium Citrate, L-Tyrosine, Natural Sweetener (Stevia), L-Tryptophan, Probiotic Culture (Bacillus Coagulans), Digestive Enzymes (Protease, Amylase, Cellulase, Lactase, Lipase), Absorbic Acid

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