Ketone Breath Monitor

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The EEK Breath Monitor will fast track your to your weight loss goals by letting you know when you are in Ketosis.

Why we ❤️ the EEK Ketone Breath Monitor 

  • No more guess work to get into Ketosis.
  • ​Save loads of money on testing strips!
  • No more finger pricks
  • No more peeing on strips.
  • Know which foods & the type of exercises that will get you into Ketosis.
  • Get your results in 20 seconds!

By providing you with live feedback on your body fat burn state, you will be able to adapt your diet and exercise in real time to put you in the best position to reach your healthy weight goal.

No more finger pricks or peeing on urine strips. Just blow and you get your ketone results in 20 seconds. It's just so easy.

The EEK Ketone Breath Monitor is the perfect tool for anyone wanting to reach their weight loss goals quickly and accurately. With live feedback, you'll know what foods to eat and which exercises to do in order to get into ketosis faster. Plus, you'll save loads of money on testing strips! So make sure you get your own EEK Ketone Breath Monitor today and start your journey to a healthier you! 

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