English Muffin - Bread In A Mug - Value Pack

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Never skip breakfast again! This English Muffin bread mix value pack contains 5 individual mug serves!


Get Ya Yum On's NEW 5 X Mug Mix VALUE PACKS mean you can eat more of your favourite Bread in a Mug as often as you like for LESS!

The NEW 250gm VALUE PACKS are so versatile, they come in a resealable pouch including a scoop making it super easy to make your FAV mug mix anytime, anywhere! Alternatively, you can make a full-sized loaf (instructions are on the back of the pack) or a variety of donuts, waffles, scones, muffins, bagels, pancakes, and more! Check out our Instagram and Facebook pages for more recipe ideas!

Not only are these bread in a mug mixes super low carb but are full of healthy superfood ingredients that make eating bread actually good for you - keeping you fuller longer!

For each Mug Mix, just add 1 TBSP butter (or any oil) and 1 large egg (room temperature is best) + 1 TBSP milk, cream, or plant-based alternatives to our dry mix in a mug or ramekin – zap in the microwave for 90 secs (microwaves vary so start with between 60-90 secs) slice, top with your fav topping and eat!

Also WILDLY delicious toasted.

MAKE MUFFINS! - Just add 2 TBSP of sugar-free maple syrup or keto sugar to the mix, follow baking instructions and add bananas, chocolate chips, berries or whatever you like, pour into 2-3 silicon muffins moulds and bake for approximately 60- 90 secs in the microwave or 10 mins at 180 in a conventional oven

PANCAKE STACK! - Just add 2TBSP to the mix, follow instructions, serve stacked with your favourite topping, and keto syrup! DELISH!

Storage: Eat within one day to maintain freshness or wrap and store in fridge for 3 days or freeze for up to 3 months.

8 reasons you'll ❤️ this English Muffin In A Mug

  1. Low Carb
  2. Keto
  3. Paleo
  4. Gluten-Free
  5. Wheat-Free
  6. Only 0.6g carbs per serve!
  7. Delicious and moist
  8. Cooked in 90 sec!


Almond meal, Ground Psyllium Husk, Gluten-free Baking Power, Salt.



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