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The thymus gland produces immune cells and is an essential gland for the development of T cells.  The thymus produces a hormone known as thymosin. This hormone helps transform white blood cells, or lymphocytes, into T cells. Once the T cells are mature, they then migrate to the lymph nodes, where they help boost the immune system. Some researchers have been investigating if these T cells can also help in the fight against cancer (Liu & Ellis, 2016). There has been some interesting research showing that thymus extract might help boost the immune system against respiratory infections such as bronchitis, asthma, hay fever, and sinusitis.(Leoci 2014).

Beef thymus provides proteins exclusively found in the thymus tissue and has various peptides, and hormones such as thymosin, thymopoietin, and serum thymic factor.

Beef liver provides an important amount of micronutrients including vitamin A, B12, copper, folate, choline, iron and hyaluronic acid which have been shown to support the body’s immune system, healthy skin and hair, strong bones and collagen synthesis.



  • Pasture raised in Australia
  • Grass-fed & grass-finished
  • Freeze dried to retain heat sensitive vitamins, minerals and cofactors
  • No hormones, no pesticides, no GMO's
  • No additives, preservatives, fillers or flow agents
  • Non-defatted Beef Thymus tissue from healthy grass fed beef 2-3 years old or younger
  • Third party tested for purity
  • Allergen free




  • Proteins exclusively found and expressed in thymus tissue. *
  • Unique peptides such as Thymosin — tasked with the development of disease-fighting T-cells. *
  • Thymopoietin and Serum Thymic factor to further regulate & support immune health. *
  • Immunologically active proteins shown to stimulate macrophages & enhance natural killer (NK) cell activity. *




  • Optimal Thymus health based on "Like Supports Like". *
  • Immune system health. *
  • Allergy health, inflammatory health & energy metabolism. *



Australian Grass Fed Thymus (Bovine) & Australian Grass Fed Liver (Bovine), Gelatin Capsule.

The thymus is the gland most involved with the immune system, containing lymphatic tissue, with proteins that act as stimulants for natural killer cells. The thymus is a specialised organ that produces and "educates" T-lymphocytes (T-cells). Each T cell attacks a foreign substance like viruses and bacteria which it identifies with its receptor.

The thymus continues to grow between birth and puberty and then begins to atrophy – the size and activity are dramatically reduced. It is largely degenerated in elderly adults and is barely identifiable, consisting mostly of fatty tissue. Involution of the thymus has been linked to loss of immune function in the elderly, susceptibility to infection and to cancer.*

For many centuries, physicians and other healers have prescribed organs and glands, often in the raw state. Our organs and glands are ideal supplements for individuals wanting to provide nutritional support for specific organs and systems, and to complement the diet with the incredible array of nutrients found in organs and glands from healthy, carefully raised animals. Many clinicians understand that the consumption of these foods may have a profound effect on an individual’s organs. 

NXGEN Thymus capsules provide a boost for the immune system, especially important in the cold and flu season during the winter months. We prepare our capsules by freeze-drying freshly harvested organs and glands, preserving the unaltered proteins, enzymes and fat-soluble activators so important in traditional diets. About an ounce of fresh tissue goes into making each four capsules. The tissues we use are from only grass-fed, grass-finished and inspected animals, raised without the use of pesticides, hormones or antibiotics in Australia – where BSE or mad cow disease has never occurred.


These statements have not been evaluated by The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) or the  Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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