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This Premium paleo granola has been specially crafted for ketogenic diets.

It's packed with keto friendly macadamia nuts ( 22%) which are low in carbs and high in good fats helping you feel full for longer.  

Brookfarm co-founder Pam Brook developed this product to help a friend’s fight against cancer, because her friend couldn’t find a true Keto product that was super high in good fats, whilst being low in sugars.

Packed with macadamia nuts (high in good fats!) and other awesome nuts, seeds and spices, then toasted in macadamia oil (also high in good fats!) and low in sugars, this product is the perfect companion to ketogenic living.

10 reasons you'll love this Premium Keto Granola

  1. Plant based protein
  2. Gluten free
  3. Low sugar
  4. Low carb
  5. Keto friendly
  6. Toasted in macadamia oil
  7. Australian made (in Byron Bay)
  8. All natural ingredients
  9. 22% macadamia nuts.
  10. 100% Delicious 


On a Paleo Keto diet, good fats don’t make you fat (saturated, poly and mono fats are all in the good fat category). It’s trans fats you want to avoid! For many paleo and keto dieters, good fats can be your main source of daily energy.



Macadamias (22%), almonds, coconut, organic milled golden flaxseed*, pecans, pumpkin kernels, macadamia oil, natural vanilla extract, cinnamon.


* Due to the availability of golden flaxseed, Brookfarm are temporarily using brown flaxseed in this granola blend. You will notice a visual difference, but the delicious taste remains exactly the same!

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