Ocean Trace - 60 Serves

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A cutting Edge electrolyte mix that is made from pure Aussie Ocean water, providing all the minerals that you need to hydrate better and nourish more completely than ever before. Add to water, or make your own delicious electrolyte drinks and treats or add to your cooking. Minerals made your way!

  • World 1st – cOMx Complete Ocean Mineral Complex®
  • Raw minerals extracted from pure ocean water
  • Contains 165mg Magnesium in every serving
  • Plus over 70 naturally occurring Ocean minerals
  • Perfect for all diets including Keto
  • Make your own mineral rich electrolyte drinks
  • Easily absorbed by your body for rapid utilisation
  • Add to smoothies, breakfast bowls, electrolyte treats and more
  • Gluten free
  • Vegan Friendly

The most complete electrolyte mix, naturally.

Oceantrace™ is the result of decades of research and development to produce the world’s first Multi Mineral Complex powder made from pure Australian ocean water. It’s the synergy of nature, ingenuity, and cutting edge food science. Oceantrace™ helps you hydrate more efficiently and meet daily mineral nutrient requirements, naturally.

Oceantrace™ is a highly concentrated, dissolvable, electrolyte powder, extracted from pure Australian ocean water.

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, and reliance on processed food and beverages, some may find it difficult to quench their thirst, and others may struggle to drink enough. This is because thirst is not simply satisfied by water alone. Our bodies also crave a balance of minerals for sufficient hydration and nutrient requirements. Produced using an intricate and multistep process, pure Australian ocean wateris condensed until it converts from liquidto our super concentrated raw mineral powder. Natural and potent, Oceantrace™ provides a comprehensive range of major and trace minerals, is low in sodium (60mg per serving) and is a good source of Magnesium (165mg per serving).

Hydrating properly will assist in meeting greater energy needs, a more robust immune system, and an improved sense of well-being, so today, and every day, is your best day.



Concentrated Ocean Water (cOMx), Anti-Caking Agent (Silicon Dioxide).


Nutrition Information

when prepared according to directions
Servings: 60
Serving Size: 1.4g (1 level scoop or half teaspoon)

%RDI per
Energy 0KJ   0KJ
Protein 0g   0g
Total Fat 0g   0g
Saturated 0g   0g
Carbohydrates 0g   0g
Sugars 0g   0g
Magnesium 165mg(13.6mmol) 51% 33mg(2.7mmol)
Sodium 60mg(2.6mmol)   12mg(0.5mmol)
Potassium 45mg(1.2mmol) 9mg(0.2mmol)
Chloride 420mg 84mg
Sulphate 145mg 29mg

* Recommended Daily Intake per serve is based on an average diet of 8700KJ. Your daily intake may be higher or lower depending on your energy needs.

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