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Ancient Fine Sea Salt

If you've been keen on the keto lifestyle for some time, chances are you're familiar with Redmond Real Salt.

It's often referred to as the ultimate salt choice by prominent figures in the low carb, keto, and fasting communities like Dr Ken Berry, Thomas DelauerDrew Manning, Dr Robert Cywes, Dr Shawn Baker and many more. 


Until now, Australians had difficulty accessing Redmond Real Salt, but that's no longer the case! Yo Keto offers heaps of sizes of Redmond Real Salt for purchase online and delivers anywhere in Australia via Australia Post.



The perfect salt for a keto lifestyle.

When following a Ketogenic diet, it's important to eliminate processed foods with high sodium content. However, your body still requires sodium to function optimally. To stay hydrated, maintain energy levels, and combat the Keto flu, consider incorporating Real Salt into your meals liberally.

Real Salt, sourced and mined in the USA, is a 100% natural salt. It retains all its original properties without any additives or unnecessary alterations. With over 60 trace minerals, Real Salt offers unparalleled naturalness. Enhance your culinary experience as it elevates the flavors of your food like no other.

Not all salts on the market are created equal. Surprisingly, many salts contain anti-caking agents and even added sugar (dextrose). Some undergo heat processing that robs them of their natural trace minerals. Redmond Real Salt, on the other hand, remains unrefined, preserving its abundant minerals and flavors just as nature intended.

As America's bestselling sea salt in health food stores, Real Salt comes highly recommended by medical professionals, fitness experts, and renowned chefs such as Thomas Delauer and Dr. Ken Berry. It's renowned for its exceptional flavor and unrefined mineral content, guaranteeing that every bite becomes a taste sensation.


Why Real Salt?

Millions of years prior to the advent of human pollution on our planet, a primordial ocean enveloped what we now know as the Western United States. As the earth shifted and the ocean receded beneath the surface, the majestic Real Salt deposit took shape, forming a colossal underground mountain of crystallized salt, safeguarded from erosion by a protective layer of volcanic ash.

Real Salt stands true to its name, representing salt in its purest form: untainted, unadulterated. Esteemed chefs favour Real Salt for its delightful and nuanced flavour, while experts recommend it owing to its wealth of essential, unrefined minerals.


What does it taste like? 

Imagine having a hidden ingredient that elevates every dish you prepare to culinary perfection. Enter Real Salt, the game-changer in taste. Unlike regular sea salt, Real Salt boasts a velvety smooth flavor profile, adding a touch of delicate sweetness that effortlessly enhances every savory bite. It doesn't overpower your food with saltiness; instead, it magnifies the existing flavors, turning your culinary creations into sublime masterpieces.


Recommended by EVERYONE!

"For decades we were told by our doctors we should fear salt – and maybe, if your doctor still insists on using processed “sea salt” that is nothing but sodium chloride, we should still be afraid." - Dr. Ken Berry

"Real Salt is the only Keto salt you’ll need because it’s naturally packed with essential trace minerals, and it makes your food better." - Drew Manning, Fit2Fat2Fit

"I like this salt!" Dr Shawn Baker

"When I started my health journey I was surprised to realize how important salt can be, and that the quality of the salt we eat really makes a difference. We tried Real Salt because we love that it’s mined right here in the USA, and it is the real deal! The salt is great and the people we’ve met from Redmond are obsessed with quality and determined to give back to their communities. I would never have expected to love a salt company, but Redmond Real Salt really is one of our favorite healthy finds!"." - Dr. Ken Berry

 “I’m a big fan of Redmond Real Salt because it is a true ancient sea salt that’s mined from Utah in the United States that has a full plethora of minerals that we need... The reality is I know the science and I know how important salt is when it comes to making sure I stay lean and stay in shape, especially when I’m on a low carb diet or when I’m intermittent fasting.”  Thomas DeLauer

"On the ketogenic diet a lot of people actually become dehydrated because your body expels a lot of water initially. Expelling the water expels a lot of minerals. So, you need to replenish sodium, potassium, and magnesium. Which is why I’m such a huge fan of Real Salt. Real Salt is unrefined, there’s nothing added to it, there’s nothing taken from it. All of the trace minerals are still intact, so you get the potassium and the magnesium and the sodium that your body needs.” Drew Manning

"I USE REAL SALT FROM Real Salt" Dr Robert Cywes


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews

Love the product and love their business. Very friendly great products fast shipping. I will always order from these guys. Thankyou

Love it

I am not a salt eater as it is normally just salty, but this salt has flavour and I love it. I bought 2 bags and plan on buying more as gifts for people. Best tasting salt I have ever had.

Jeannette Wilkinson
A great product

I continue to buy this salt because it’s all natural. No added nasties no hidden products. It’s just a great natural salt with minerals.
I love shopping at Quito. They have great products the services wonderful and shipping is always fast.

Love this salt

I never get enough salt in my diet and contrary to mainstream medicine recommendation to cut salt: high blood pressure can also come from not enough salt. I searched everywhere for this salt after hearing it recommended in several keto and low carb podcasts. So happy to have found it with YoKeto thank you for bringing it to OZ.

Great Salt. Great Service.

We've been looking for Redmond Real Salt here in Australia as it is pure, without the 'nasties' present in other salts. I looked around and found YoKeto was the only supplier who had it in stock. I'm sure glad we found them - YoKeto's order process is easy and streamlined... and their delivery was super fast! Thanks YoKeto!!!

Thank you for stocking this!

Redmonds Real Salt is a huge part of my low carb diet. So grateful to Yo Keto for making it available in Australia!

The only salt to use

I won't use any other salt. Very happy that I can purchase it so easily on this site!

The best salt

I started buying this salt after my nutritionist recommended it. Its the most complete in mineral content and pristine salt by far. None of the microplastics you can find in the sea salt.

Redmonds Real Salt is real tasty

Love this salt helps keep my sodium levels perfect. Pity it's so hard to buy in Australia


I only use REAL SALT for years, I cant use anything else. Man everything taste amazing, specially curry. I even add a bit to my fatty coffee.. YUMMMM

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