Salty Caramel Sauce

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Enjoy the taste of salty caramel without the sugar or carbs.

Make this salty caramel sauce part of your everyday treat or accompaniment to your favourite desserts such as ice creams, low carb pancakes and waffles. Add to your favourite smoothie or protein shake to a great salty caramel taste.

This low carb salty caramel sauce is sugar free, vegan-friendly and gluten free so it's a perfect option for the whole family to enjoy.


Water, thickeners: cellulose gum (E466), guar gum (E412); salt, modified corn starch, flavouring, food colour: natural caramelised sugar, acidity regulator: sodium sulphates (E514), food colour: natural caramelised sugar, preservative: potassium sorbate (E202); sweetener: sucralose (E955); flavouring: turmeric extract.


Comes in a 300ml plastic bottle

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