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Prepare to have your beliefs about salt shattered! In a groundbreaking revelation, a respected cardiovascular research scientist disrupts the low-salt myth, presenting evidence that suggests salt may actually be a solution, not a cause, for the chronic disease crisis.

We've all heard the age-old advice: limit your salt intake to a mere teaspoon a day for a healthy heart. But here's the catch: for the majority of us, obsessing over salt is unnecessary. In fact, salt could be our ally, safeguarding us against a multitude of ailments, from internal starvation and insulin resistance to diabetes and heart disease. And let's not forget, it adds that irresistible flavour to our meals. Dr. DiNicolantonio unveils an eye-opening, never-before-told tale - a gripping drama spanning centuries, filled with clashing egos and competing interests - exposing how salt was unfairly demonized. (The true offender? Another white crystal altogether - sugar).

Prepare for a paradigm shift as THE SALT FIX skillfully integrates research, uncovering an entirely new understanding of salt's pivotal role in your well-being and the dire consequences of inadequate consumption. Dr. DiNicolantonio reveals how embracing the right amount of this essential mineral can conquer sugar cravings, promote weight loss, enhance athletic performance, boost fertility, and foster a thriving heart. And fear not, for he provides a life-transforming six-step program to recalibrate your instinctive salt thermostat, allowing you to simply listen to your cravings and achieve the ideal salt intake you need.

Get ready to challenge everything you thought you knew about this historically revered substance. THE SALT FIX is here to reshape the conversation, captivating you with riveting research and empowering you to harness salt's true potential for your optimal health.

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