Chocolate Chaffle | Yo Keto

Chocolate Chaffle

Yummy sweet chaffle, perfect low carb replacement to a chocolate waffle. Serve with sugar free ice-cream, chocolate sauce and fresh berries.
Keto Banana Brekkie Smoothie Bowl | Yo Keto

Keto Banana Brekkie Smoothie Bowl

Heavenly breakfast bowl, packed with good fats to start the day right.
Pork Chaffle | Yo Keto

Pork Chaffle

Super filling, carnivore friendly version of the basic chaffle.
Basic Chaffle | Yo Keto

Basic Chaffle

Chaffles have to be one of the quickest, easiest low carb recipes around. They can be eaten as they are, or used in place of carb heavy bread for the most amazing sandwiches.